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The Congress is among the top five largest annual gathering of
researchers in computer science, computer engineering, data science,
artificial intelligence, STEM, and applied computing. We anticipate
to have attendees from about 75 countries and territories.

In order to leverage synergy between various CS & CE fields, the program
committee of the following conferences have their 2023 events held at one
venue (same location and dates). Thus, this year, The Congress is composed
of a number of tracks (joint-conferences, sessions, workshops, poster and
panel discussions); all will be held simultaneously, same location and
dates: July 24-27, 2023. For the complete list of joint conferences, refer

o. ACC'23: 7th International Conference on Applied Cognitive Computing

o. BIOCOMP'23: 24th International Conference on Bioinformatics & Computational Biology

o. BIOENG'23: 9th International Conference on Biomedical Engineering & Sciences

o. CSC'23: 21st International Conference on Scientific Computing

o. EEE'23: 22nd International Conference on e-Learning, e-Business, Enterprise Information Systems, & e-Government

o. ESCS'23: 21st International Conference on Embedded Systems, Cyber-physical Systems, & Applications

o. FCS'23: 19th International Conference on Foundations of Computer Science

o. FECS'23: 19th International Conference on Frontiers in Education: Computer Science & Computer Engineering (includes, STEM, ABET, ...)

o. GCC'23: 19th International Conference on Grid, Cloud, & Cluster Computing

o. HIMS'23: 9th International Conference on Health Informatics & Medical Systems

o. ICAI'23: 25th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence

o. ICDATA'23: 19th International Conference on Data Science

o. ICEQT'23: 2nd International Conference on Emergent Quantum Technologies

o. ICOMP'23: 24th International Conference on Internet Computing & IoT

o. ICWN'23: 22nd International Conference on Wireless Networks

o. IKE'23: 22nd International Conference on Information & Knowledge Engineering

o. IPCV'23: 27th International Conference on Image Processing, Computer Vision, & Pattern Recognition

o. MSV'23: 20th International Conference on Modeling, Simulation & Visualization Methods

o. PDPTA'23: 29th International Conference on Parallel & Distributed Processing Techniques & Applications

o. SAM'23: 22nd International Conference on Security & Management

o. SERP'23: 21th International Conference on Software Engineering Research & Practice

This year's Congress will be a hybrid event that combines a "live" in-person event with a "virtual" online component.
We anticipate that most speakers will physically be attending (ie, most talks are expected to be face-to-face).
All conferences listed above will be held simultaneously;
i.e., same location and dates (July 24-27, 2023, USA.)

 Papers should be typeset by using the general typesetting instructions available at (select "US
letter" option for accessing templates):
(i.e., single line spacing, 2-column format). All submissions must be original (papers must not
have been previously published or currently being considered by others for publication).
Later, the authors of accepted papers will be asked to follow the template cited above.

Authors of accepted papers must agree with the standard IEEE CPS statement in reference to
Copyrights (Intellectual Property Rights)  (hyperlink: ) and Policy on Electronic Dissemination
(hyperlink: ).

Prospective authors are invited to submit their papers by uploading them to the evaluation web site at: 
Submissions must be uploaded by the due date (See Important Date - hyperlink: ) and must be in either MS WORD doc or pdf
formats (maximum of 8 pages for Regular Research Papers; maximum of 5 pages for Short
Research Papers; and maximum of 3 pages for Extended Abstract/Poster Papers - the number

of pages includes all figures, tables, and references). Papers must not have been previously
published or currently submitted for publication elsewhere. For more information regarding
Paper Categories Click Here – hyperlink:

The first page of the paper should include the followings:

- Title of the paper
- Name, affiliation, City, Country, and email address of each author (identify the name of the
Contact Author). For Science Citation Indexation (SCI) inclusion processes, we prefer that the
Contact Authors to provide email addresses that can be traced (ie, SCI requires that the Contact
Authors be positively identified.)
- Abstract (between 100 and 120 words)
- A maximum of 6 topical keywords (Indexed Terms) that would best represent the work
described in the paper (It would be more helpful to provide topical keywords that do not appear
in the Title of the paper, if possible.)
- After the topical keywords, Write the type of the submission as "Regular Research Paper",
"Short Research Paper", or "Extended Abstract/Poster Research Paper".
- The actual text of the paper can start from the first page (space permitting).
Submissions are to be uploaded to the evaluation web site portal at

Each paper will be peer-reviewed by two experts in the field for originality, significance, clarity, impact, and soundness.
In cases of contradictory recommendations, a member of the conference program committee would be charged to make the
final decision; often, this would involve seeking help from additional referees. Papers whose authors include a member
of the conference program committee will be evaluated using the double-blinded review process.
(Essay/philosophical papers will not be refereed but may be considered for discussion/panels).

   Questions and inquiries should be sent to:
   CSCE'23 Conference Secretariat: