1. If my paper gets accepted, can I modify its title (moderately)?
ANSWER: Yes - as long as the modified title reflects the content of the accepted paper, you can modify its title.

2. Can I add, remove, and/or modify the names of the authors of my paper? Can I change the order of the authors? Can I change the affiliations of the authors?
ANSWER: Yes to all the above questions - as long as the change has been discussed with and agreed by the co-authors.

3. If I am unable to attend the conference due to an un-anticipated matter (such as: delays in obtaining USA visa, rejection of USA visa, flight cancelation, sickness, ...), would my paper still be published?
ANSWER: Yes, as long as one of the authors of the paper has registered for the conference and also the reason for non-attendance was not anticipated (therefore, a detailed explanation is needed as to why the author is unable to attend.)

4. How can I dispute the rejection decision on my paper?
ANSWER: Provide a detailed explanation by addressing the referees' comments and email your explanation to: editor@american-cse.org