1. If my paper gets accepted, can I modify its title (moderately)?
ANSWER: Yes - as long as the modified title reflects the content of the accepted paper, you can modify its title.

2. Can I add, remove, and/or modify the names of the authors of my paper? Can I change the order of the authors? Can I change the affiliations of the authors?
ANSWER: Yes to all the above questions - as long as the change has been discussed with and agreed by the co-authors.

3. If I am unable to attend the conference due to an un-anticipated matter (such as: delays in obtaining USA visa, rejection of USA visa, flight cancelation, sickness, ...), would my paper still be published?
ANSWER: Yes, as long as one of the authors of the paper has registered for the conference and also the reason for non-attendance was not anticipated (therefore, a detailed explanation is needed as to why the author is unable to attend.)

4. How can I dispute the rejection decision on my paper?
ANSWER: Provide a detailed explanation by addressing the referees' comments and email your explanation to: editor@american-cse.org

5. Who do I contact if I have a question about the Copyrights (Intellectual Property Rights)?
Conference Publishing Services (CPS) shall at all times be the sole owner of all rights in and to the work. The Conference Publishing Services (CPS) shall have the exclusive right (but not the obligation) to obtain and renew copyright registration of, or relating to, any and all. If you have questions about the above, please send an email to editor@american-cse.org - the editor would then provide you with a CPS contact to address your inquiry about Copyrights / Intellectual Property Rights.